Design the Next Stage of Learning The learning system of the next generation:
powered by AI-based random facial recognition.



Design the Next Stage of Learning:
Learning designed by an AI-based facial recognition system.

Online Face leads the learning standards for online courses by using digital technology to eliminate waste.

Online Face is an AI-based facial recognition system that automatically confirms the faces of parties that work or learn on online interfaces.
Online Face also tracks the progress of specific users who learn through online courses and learning management system.

Using Online Face on education programs lowers the cost of management tasks including random facial confirmation of learners and tracking of learner’s performances.
The presence of Online Face on screens will also encourage learners to focus on their work, facilitating an optimal online learning environment.

特許取得業界最高レベルの学習システム Patent No. 6797388/No. 6837697

benefit 01

Confirm the participation of learners of a class
from beginning to end.

Online Face has an algorithm that repeatedly confirms the faces of learners. Since the facial recognition takes place without interrupting the learning process, Online Face assures a focused online learning environment.

  • バツ印
     No more temporary
    unannounced absences.
  • バツ印
    Learners found
    to be dozing
    will not receive credits.
  • バツ印
    Learners can no longer
    have other people
    take courses for them.



Online Face captures many problems faced by online instructors!

Online Face captures many problems faced by online instructors!

benefit 02 ベネフィット02

The AI-based random facial identification reduces the work of instructors during
interactive sessions and large lectures. interactive sessions
and large lectures.

Online Face works in on-demand and live settings. In courses where learners cannot be simultaneously viewed on an online interface,
the AI-based system continues to operate in the background and runs its facial recognition process on every learner.

  • バツ印
    It is difficult to check the learning
    environment of each learner
  • 矢印

  • マル印
    The AI can check on
    each learner for
    the instructor!



Online Face facilitates effective online lectures!

Online Face facilitates effective online lectures!


Educational Institutions (Schools, Coaching Schools, Professional Organizations)

Through using Online Face, online courses have become as personal and effective as in-person learning sessions… The confirmation that learners are present during classes increases the learning standards.


The best learning management system in the education industry
Tracking of the basic educational information including participation and grades.
Integration with external systems
Online Face can be used with other learning management systems.
Availability of many knowledge check systems
Knowledge check systems include Q&A forums, chats, or charts
Learning programs based on the individual learner
The big data of Online Face enables the measurement of the understanding and performance of learners and recommends educational programs suited for each learner.
Enjoy Studying!


Online Face can also be used for:

  • Licensing

    Licensing tests including national exams or academic tests (LSAT, MCAT, etc.) which require certain identification.

  • Online Assignments

    The prevention of learners submitting other people’s work or having someone else complete their assignments.

  • Remote Work

    Objective and efficient supervision of progress in specific tasks. Online Face can also be used to confirm the faces of clients and customers.

  • Public and Financial Institutions

    Online Face prevents impersonation and fraud in transactions that require confirmation of identity.

  • Online Medical Appointments

    Confirms the faces of doctors and patients and reduces the risk of misdiagnosis.

  • SNS and Live Streaming

    Reconnoiters and prevents the impersonation of accounts and ensures the security of online transmissions.


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